Rural Market Aggregation

Rural communities consume more than just agricultural inputs and produce more than just crops. AGRIBUDDY’s rural network serves as an aggregation and direct sales platform for sales of consumer goods like durables and consumables to the rural population by manufacturers. The BUDDY Network is a strong enabler of financing for durables as well.

Crop Trading

The AGRIBUDDY platform enables us to aggregate outputs for domestic and export bulk consumers of crops, because we can track availability in real time, execute tighter quality control and coordinate logistics for higher cost-efficiency across disparate regions and multiple locations. We also function as a monitoring platform for contract farming companies.

Data Gathering and Analysis

AGRIBUDDY’s platform is built specifically to track field-level granular data in near real-time, such as weather, soil conditions, hydrology, market conditions, infrastructure, etc. This enables us to conduct detailed studies and fine-tuned forecasts, taking a lot of the unpredictability out of the agricultural value chain, a boon for farmers, researchers and companies that rely on the farm sector for their core business.

Credit Scoring System

AGRIBUDDY’s Credit Scoring algorithms develop risk profiles all the way down to the level of individual farmers, using a calibrated mix of information about crops, weather, land, market and personal information. These profiles grow increasingly accurate over extended time periods, and enable financial institutions to offer cheaper and timelier credit to farmers based on a more predictable risk/return equation.